Finished Object Tuesday...

...I did a little spinning over the weekend.

This is Natural 3 handspun:

Natural 3 handspun

and the close-up:

Natural 3 handspun, close up

Started and finished 6/7/14;
Natural 3 Matt Batt (2.7 oz) from the Yarn Wench;
63.3 yds. single, bulky

My original intent was to use this in my woven wall hanging, but now I'm no sure about the colors. It has a lot of brown in, more than I think the piece can handle. Plus there is a fair amount of VM in it, some of which is disintegrating and turning into dust. These singles definitely need a good wash before being used in any project.

I started my wall hanging on Sunday and immediately ran into an issue. There are so many yarns to use in the project that I don't have enough stick shuttles to handle them. I'll have to wind them onto bobbins and swap them in and out of my boat shuttles. I did order a couple of poke shuttles to try with it--that should help.

I also started the Tuscon Twilight needlepoint project on Sunday. I am stitching a large diamond from which the rest of the stitching is oriented. So far, so good!

I made excellent progress on the stealth knitting project. I finished knitting the rows last night and buried most of the ends. I should be able to finish it tonight.

The only thing that I didn't work on was the mermaid. I'm a little hesitant to start, but then I've felt that way about all f the mermaids I've stitched. There's just something daunting about that big piece of 32-count linen! I'll get over it as soon as I put in the first stitches.