Eye Candy Friday...

...and my vacation is nearing the end. Sigh.

Today's Eye Candy is from my last Sunday walk.  A lovely pink flower in a neighbor's yard:

Pink flower in the morning

A sunflower across the street from the school:

Sunflower in the morning sun

An orange rose on the school grounds:

Orange roses

and a detail of the ocean mosaic on the school's wall:

Nimitz Elementary School mosaic detail #1

TdF Day 14, Stage 13:
I plied Cinder today.

Cinder handspun
and a close-up

Cinder handspun, close up
Started 7/16/14;
Finished 7/18/14;
Merino-silk (3.9 oz) from the Yarn Wench;
180.5 yds chain-ply; 11 WPI

I did a little spinning on the Renewal merino-silk that I started yesterday. I also sewed a few blocks for the quilt.

Up this weekend: more spinning, more quilting, a little laundry, and prepare for re-entry to the working world on  Monday. The Husband returns from his trip on Sunday, so I actually have to cook something other than steak and hamburger!