Tour de Fleece report and a finished object...

...and I totally spaced on posting yesterday.  Guess you'll have to wait until next week for WIP roll call.

TdF Day 11, Rest Day:
I took the rest day. Instead of spinning, I finished reading The Lost Symbol, did a little shopping, and started a new quilt.

The new quilt uses citron and gray fabrics that I had gathered over the last couple of years. I spent some time going through my patterns and quilt books trying to find a quilt pattern for these fabrics. I just couldn't find anything that quite fit. So I decided to just wing it. I started with 8-inch squares of the feature fabrics and put them up on the quilt wall.  I'm going to stare at them for day and see if I get inspired on what to do with the accent fabrics.

TdF Day 12, Stage 11:
I decided to skip the gym and take a bike ride instead. It was nice being outside while it was still cool.

I started spinning Cinder, 3.9 oz of merino-silk from the Yarn Wench.

I attached a temporary hanger to my wall hanging and took a few pictures.

Stuck in Neutral wall hanging

and a close-up:

Stuck in Neutral wall hanging detail

Started 6/8/14
Finished 7/12/14
Warp: Alpaca-Merino-Silk from Amazing Yarns, 10 dpi;
Weft: Neutral-colored handspun yarns and loose fiber--alpaca, BFL, wool mix, yak, yak-silk, corriedale, camel, and Finn;
Embellishments: shell, wood, and carved beads attached with handspun thread;
Temporary bamboo hanger

TdF Day 13, Stage 12:
Finished spinning Cinder. I'll ply it tomorrow.

Cinder handspun singles

I started spinning Renewal, a 4.2 oz merino-silk from the Yarn Wench.

Renewal handspun, in progress

On the quilt front, I decided what to do with the accent fabrics and sewed a few blocks.