Eye Candy Friday...

...and not a moment to soon! With the 3-days spent at my Mom's for the family reunion and a concert on Wednesday night, I'm beat!

So one picture from the reunion. Here are the Esquivel siblings that attended:

Equivel Siblings (6 of 9)

That's my mom second from the right. We never could get them to line up straight.  My mom is one of 9 kids, so you can see we're missing a few. I'm waiting for a cousin to send a picture of the whole crew. Obviously, I couldn't take the picture and be in it, too. Her camera was on a tripod and she used a timer.

My mom has some pretty flowers in her garden. Here are a couple...a pink and yellow rose:

Pink and yellow rose

and a pink hydrangea:

Pink hydrangea

Up this weekend: I need to catch up with laundry and other things that didn't get done while we were gone.

I need some serious crafting time.

I'm hoping to finish the top of the quilt and then figure out what I'm doing on the back.

I have a bobbin full of teal singles that need to be plied. I've been ignoring them for about a month and it's time to finish it. I need at least one finished object for this month!

I have the Toulouse fiber to finish spinning. And I have a few stitching projects that are languishing.

I predict a full weekend in my studio!