Eye Candy plus F.O. Friday...

...two in one post! First the Eye Candy.

The Husband continues to fuel my photographic needs by buying new flowers. This week, he brought home some carnations:

Dark Pink bi-color carnation

Double Lemon Calibrachoa (new flower for me):

Double Lemon Calibrachoa
Pentas "Starla Red":

Starla Red Pentas

and Flamenco Rumba Cuphea:

Flamenco Rumba Cuphea

For the Finished Object portion of the post, I finally skeined Deep Teal Dream [Ravelry]:

Deep Teal Dream handspun

and the close up:

Deep Teal Dream handspun, close up

Started 6/21/14;
Finished 8/24/14;
Merino-Silk top (4.5oz) from Wonderland Dyeworks;
 294.1 yds. chain-plied, 14 WPI

Up this weekend: It's a 3-day weekend....YAY!

I have a few household chores to do, but they won't take long. My main goal is to finish plying Toulouse [Ravelry] so I can have another F.O. for the month. After I finish that, I'll cycle through the current WIPs list.

I need to piece the backing for the quilt and make the quilt sandwich. The piecing part won't be problem, but if it's too hot, I won't want to be crawling around on the floor pin-basting the quilt sandwich. We'll just have to see what the weather does.

I have a few more stash photos to take. I just keep attracting spinning fiber (looks away, whistling...)

I really need to get serious about the stitching projects, but they just haven't been able to hold my attention.

Is it the end of the day yet?