Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...AKA: Short Hits 'R Us.
  1. Capuccino flavored potato chips: Yes, they are as weird (and as bad) as they sound.
  2. My knitting mojo is haywire. I'm knitting, but I'm not enjoying it.
  3. My stitching mojo is AWOL. Please send it home if you find it.
  4. Beadle Needle (Amazon): Very cool! I wish I'd had this tool for the Celestarium and Southern Skies shawls!
  5. I just can't seem to stop spinning. You'd think I'd had enough in July!
  6. Outlander on Starz: Love the first episode!! You can watch the first episode for free right now. I have high hopes for the series.
  7. Normally, I dislike yellow. However, I'm loving the yellow (citron), gray, and white quilt that I have in progress.
  8. Our family reunion is happening soon. I hope we can keep the dramaz to a minimum.