Eye Candy Friday...

...let's hear it for the weekend!

More new flowers from our garden. Verbascum chaixii album. (I know...that just rolls of the tongue!)

Verbascum chaixii album

Abutilon: Lucky Lantern Red:

Abutilon: Lucky Lantern Red

Blue Mist Spirea

Blue Mist Spirea

Up this weekend: It's Spin-In time again! I'm looking forward to spinning with the group again.  I need to finish the Seaglass Camel-silk on the wheel. I won't get it plied on Saturday, but I'd love to finish the singles. I'm not allowing myself to start spinning something new until I finish these singles.

I'm in think-mode with the quilt. I can't decide how to stitch the border of the quilt or how to quilt the insides of the blocks.  I hope inspiration strikes soon because I'd like to finish this quilt so I can resurrect "Going Snow Global" from the UFO pile!

No other specific plans...we'll just see where the crafts take me!