Eye Candy Friday...

...and the pickings were slim. Even my fallback photo of the sunrise was a fail because it was so foggy.

As I reported earlier, we have a lot of pomegranates this year. Several of them are starting to split open:

Split Pomegranate

We're trying to pick them as soon as we see a split, but we missed this one.

The habanero chile peppers are about ready to pick:


The Husband plans on making some chile sauce with some of them. Just as long as he makes it when I'm not home...these chiles are hot and the scent hangs in the air for a long time! It's no fun inhaling hotness.

Up this weekend: I need to play catch up with some housework. I ignored it last weekend, but need to get serious about it.

Since the photo subjects in our garden are few and far between, I think my Sunday walk will have to be a photo walk. I hope to stockpile some photos for the coming week.

As always,  crafts will be a big part of the weekend.  If I ever find a decent quilting pattern, I could finished machine quilting my I'm Just Mad About Citron quilt.