Eye Candy Friday...

...I had big plans of photographing the latest handspun and doing a F.O. Friday post. And that's as far as we got...big plans, little action.

As the days count down to my end of the year vacation, the number of  things I have to finish by the 19th increases. Most of the increases are work things, as the Christmas tasks are pretty much the same every year. This means that by the time I get home, my mind is exhausted and I don't feel like doing anything except eat dinner and sleep. So today, you get a small eye candy installment.

We have a jade plant in our courtyard that is several years old (read: more than 15, maybe more than 20). The Husband cuts it back periodically so it doesn't outgrow the area it's in.  Sometimes it flowers and looks like this:

Jade plant flowers

This was taken after a recent rain storm.  As was this photo of the Lucky Lantern Red Abutilon that is also in our courtyard:

Lucky Lantern Red Abutilon

Up this weekend: It's Cookie Time!  All baking, all the time!  I will take a small break to go with the Husband to pick out our Christmas tree. Depending on the weather, we might set up the tree right away. The last thing I want to do is bring a soaking wet tree into the house.

When I'm done with the baking for the day, I'll swap over and work on the stealth project. About the only chores I'll do are the laundry and grocery shopping.

My number one task is baking. I'm still feeling way behind. I usually have at least some of the cookie dough made by this time. I do manage to get it all done, but it looks like I'm gong to be sprinting for the next two weekends!