Eye Candy Friday...

...we survived the massive rain storm that hit our area yesterday without any roof leaks or flooding in the courtyard (although the Husband was [thisclose] to pumping out excess water).

Here is what the sunrise looked like on Monday 12/8:

Sunrise 12/8/14

Up this weekend: Tomorrow is biscotti day. I need to seriously get in gear and get those baked. I'm missing Spin-In, which makes me sad. There's just no way I can manage that and stay on track (sigh).

On Sunday, it's chocolate and frosting day. I'm going to try a new method for the frosting that I hope will make things go faster. The snowflakes, of course, are always the biggest time-sink.

I figure that I'm about 200 cookies behind from where I was last year. One reason is that I got half as many Pistachio Pinwheels as last year.  The other is that there are 2 cookies I ran out of time to make. I need to figure out how I can squeeze those in this weekend!