Eye Candy Friday...

...and we're rapidly running out of January.

From my neighborhood walk two weeks ago, a purple daisy:

Purple daisy

and a sweet pea bush:

Sweet pea bush

From our anniversary last weekend, Miramar beach at Half Moon Bay:

Miramar Beach at Half Moon Bay

And there is much celebrating! Both of our cars are back from the shop earlier than expected. Hooray!! Of course, I no longer feel comfortable parking my car in the driveway, at least until we've caught one or two rodents in the traps we've set. I just want to wrap my car in a big rat-proof bubble.

Up this weekend: Other than some household chores and my regular errands, I have no specific plans. I'm not a sports fan and I particularly dislike football, so I am not watching the Super Bowl.

I have a host of projects I can work on including:
  • Making a label and burying the threads for the I'm Just Mad About Citron quilt. If I get really motivated, I could probably finish this tomorrow.
  • More knitting on Be My Baby [Ravelry]. This one will take a while. Ive given up trying to finish it by the Daughter's birthday on Wednesday. She'd fine with that since the weather has been so warm lately.
  • Chain ply the Walking on the Sun singles [Ravelry]. If I don't get motivated to finish the quilt, I can ply this and have a finished project for January.
I've been fighting start-itis for several days. Maybe if I finish something tomorrow, I can reward myself with a new project! ;-)