Happy Blogiversary to me!

...today the blog is 9 years old. Wow! This is the longest I've ever kept a project (or any other kind of) journal.

My blogging in 2014 was even more inconsistent than the previous year. I still documented my project progress, but just not as much. I'll have to check when I finish my year-end recap, but I think that I didn't have very many large projects this year, which means that my attention was scattered among little projects. If I have too many things to choose from, none of them get enough cycles, including the blog.

I decided not to run a Blogiversary Contest this year because there were so few entries the last two years. If you were looking for one, sorry! Anyway, I'm happy to hit this milestone. I hope to get re-energized this year and blog a bit more consistently.

I didn't work on my quilt over the weekend as I just wasn't feeling well enough. I managed to rally a bit yesterday and started deconstructing Christmas. I got quite a bit of the decorations packed away, but the tree is still in the house. Neither the Husband or I were feeling up to moving the furniture and getting the tree outside. Maybe in a couple of days. 

I have the first finished object for 2015: Chunky Cowl [Ravelry].

Chunky Cowl

Started 12/24/2014;
Finished 1/2/2015;
Pattern: Claire's Outland(er)ish Cowl by Nick Nick;
Yarn:  Bernat Softee Chunky Solids in Linen

I started this project because I wanted something easy to work on while we were at my in-laws on Christmas day. As it turned out, it was a good project to work on while I was sick...if I fell asleep in the middle of a row, it was easy to figure out where I left off. I'm not completely happy with the Kitchenered join, but I can live with it.

I still need to do my December and end-of-the-year recaps, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.