Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...also known as the weekend report.

  1. The Husband and I finally got the Christmas tree out of the house. After mopping and vacuuming up pine needles, we put the living room back in order. 
  2. I spent Friday and Saturday nights packing up the remaining Christmas ornaments.
  3. We had a last minute change of venue for Spin-In, but it was all good. It felt good to get back to spinning again!  I took some of the remaining Christmas cookies and biscotti as my contribution. I was happy to share them plus get them out of my house!
  4. I spent Sunday morning putting all of the Christmas boxes away in our loft storage cabinet. It was like a giant puzzle trying to fit the boxes back into the cabinet.
    I realized that the oldest ornament storage container would not longer fit into the cabinet. 40+ years ago, I started storing our ornament collection in a wicker picnic basket. At the time, it was the perfect size and the wicker provided some protection for the more delicate items. Fast forward: the basket is falling apart and we have tons more ornaments that we store in banker's boxes. It was time to let the basket go. I moved the contents to a new banker's box that fit into the cabinet.
  5. The Daughter just returned from a 10-day trip to New York and asked us to come have a late Sunday lunch with her. We drove to Oakland and had a wonderful time catching up over a delicious pho lunch.
  6. Between putting the ornaments in the storage cabinet and meeting the Daughter for lunch, I figured I had time to do a little quilting. The I'm Just Mad About Citron quilt only has 4 more squares to machine quilt and I thought I could finish them before we left. Best laid plans...

    I was about 2 minutes into the quilting when my machine would not sew any further. The needle wouldn't go up or down at all. A bobbin thread got caught in the wrong area of the mechanism. Normally, that's not a big deal: You cut the threads so you can remove the item you're sewing. Then you remove the bobbin case and clear out the offending thread(s). I did all of this, but now the mechanism is off and the needle is coming down on a metal piece. ARG!!

    The Husband is taking my sewing machine to the repair place today. I hope they don't need to keep it too long. :(