Welcoming 2015 with Eye Candy Friday...

...a limited selection today.

Sunrise 1/1/2015:

Sunrise, New Year's Day 2015

A succulent dish garden in our courtyard:

Succulent dish garden 1


Blue poppy:

Blue poppy

We got this plant a year ago and thought it was dead. In the last few weeks, it's added leaves and some of them are starting to turn red.

On the last day of the year, I finished the Loopy Mittens [Ravelry] for my Loopy Academy assignment...just under the wire and I uploaded a picture before midnight.

Loopy mittens, first look

Started 11/3/14;
Finished 12/31/14;
Loopy Academy;
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Lost in Plum;
Pattern: Handy Mittens by Elizabeth Denne

Up this weekend: I succumbed to the Husband's plague and I'm sick again. It sucks to be sick on the last few days of my vacation.

I hope to feel well enough to work on my quilt over the weekend. I also need to start deconstructing Christmas. Oh and an end-of-the year recap.

For now, I'm on the couch, coughing and trying to shake this fever. Ugh!