It's a rainy Eye Candy Friday...

...hooray!! We desperately need the rain!

This morning's sky showed the promise of the rain that arrived a few hours later:

Sunrise 2/6/15, another view

And because I can't have an eye candy post without a flower,

Close up of a pink rose

I joined the Rockin' Sock Club for 2015, its 10th anniversary. I only missed one of those years (last year) and I figured the 10th year was a good one to be in. The first installment arrived at the beginning of the week. I'm not putting it behind spoiler picture...I'll just make it small.

Rockin Sock Club, January 2015 Installment

We finally caught one of the rodents that have been lurking in our backyard. It was it fit in the car engine, we have no idea. One down, 50 million to go. And let me add: EWWWWWWW!!

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow!  I'm going to make a dessert that uses up some of the leftover ingredients from the Christmas baking...chocolate chips will be involved!

I have some stash photos to take: there's the first Pro-Verbial club installment for 2015, the Loopy Academy yarn for the second semester projects, and whatever else I might have missed. I also need to take photos on the completed I'm Just Mad About Citron quilt.

Other than that, my plan is to enjoy the wet weather as long as it lasts. Hot chocolate and knitting might go well together...