Eye Candy Friday...

...Happy Spring! It's been like spring around here for quite a while thanks to the sunny days and rainless skies. Everything is blooming early in the garden.

This pincushion flower plant is still blooming like crazy:

Pincushion Flower, close up

Our Australian finger lime tree is blooming away:

Australian Finger Lime branch

And we now have blue pimpernels:

Blue Pimpernels

Up this weekend: No specific plans yet. I have all of the standard chores and errands to run, but right now that doesn't sound appealing.

I have a bad case of start-itis, so I might cast-on for one of the other Loopy Academy projects that I'm supposed to complete by the end of May(!). While I like the current project, it's just taking forever to make any visible progress.

The other thing I need to address is the Stealth Commission project. I have one more local fabric store to investigate. Then I'd like to gather what I have and see whether a particular pattern emerges.