Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...with a short weekend report.
  1. I managed to get a little vacuuming and mopping done on Saturday before I succumbed to the call of the loom.
  2. I warped the loom and started a new project that I'm calling this project Dreams of Amethyst [Ravelry].

    • For the warp, I used the new Makimo bamboo yarn [Ravelry] I purchased from the Fiber Lady at Stitches West. I didn't have quite enough of the lavender color to warp it full-width, so I added some off white wool-silk and a lavender-multicolor ladder yarn to the mix. It's still not the full 20 inches, but it will work.
    • For the weft, I wound 4 bobbins of the Makimo Amethyst yarn.
    • I wove the first few picks and stopped because I ran out of day and I wanted to have all my wits about me when I do the hem-stitching.
  3. Spun a bit more of the Meteor Shower [Ravelry] handspun. I still have about a third to go. I really love the color of this fiber!
  4. Did not touch any of my knitting or either of the stitching WIPs.
  5. I took a few photos of some new flowers in the garden, They will appear here when I get a chance to download and edit them.
  6. Work is getting back to normal, so I have a chance to get back to learning about WordPress and working on my website.