The last Eye Candy Friday for April...

...because next Friday is May. MAY!

The Husband has been busy rearranging things in the backyard to reduce our small lawn by half. With the drought, it doesn't make sense to use water on a lawn. Half of it will no longer be watered and we are severely reducing the amount of water that the other half will received--much of that will be from the buckets of water we collect as the shower warms up.

Most of our garden is in containers, so he's moving many of them onto the part of the lawn that we are letting go. That way any runoff will go into the ground for use by the tree and other plants that are in-ground.

This week, our peony finally bloomed:


The yellow ranunculus are almost ready:

Yellow ranunculus

This beautiful peach bearded iris opened:

Bearded Iris

And in the containers by the front door, we have delphinium:

Delphinium 2

Up this weekend: It's the Husband's birthday so we'll celebrate by going out to dinner to one of his favorite places.

On the craft front, I have a bunch of things to do: two handspuns to ply, the fulling/felting of the Parritch Bonnet, the commission project to work on... And, of course, those various household chores that need to happen.

We'll see how far I get!