Eye Candy Friday...

...and this month just keeps rolling along!

For Mother's Day, The Husband got a bunch of flowering plants. For the courtyard outside my studio, he hung a basket filled with striped petunias:


The rest of the plants are going in the backyard. This Gypsophila Gypsy is very nice:

Gypsophila Gypsy

and I like the these delicate Godetia:

Godetia in our backyard

I love the color and intensity of these Gilia Tricolor flowers:

Gilia tricolor, top view

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow! Since it's going to be a small groups, I'm baking some cookies rather that making any thing big. I'm trying to decide whether to take the Wild Turquoise handspun that is on the wheel or take something new. I'm leaning towards the something new as it might be difficult to transport the fiber and auto-wrapping thread without breaking either, or both.

I need to do a few household chores before I can get back to my WIPs. I need to decide what to do about Tucson Twilight. My choices are
  • Try to work through the brown and just finish it. Given that I had to force myself to finish the last needlepoint piece, this option does not thrill me.
  • Put it into hibernation and worry about it in a few months. Maybe I'll like the brown by then (yeah, right).
  • Find Alternate colors to use in place of the brown. Assuming that they still make the two threads in question, this could work.
I have an idea for a companion piece for the commission quilt. I want to explore that a bit and see if it's workable.

And then there's the knitting and stitching projects that are on hold...

...Yes, another busy weekend!