F.O. 'n Eye Candy Friday...

...Happy May!

First, here is the completed Parritch Bonnet [Ravelry:

Parritch Bonnet, complete

and a view of the top:

Parritch Bonnet, top view of fulling

Started 4/4/15;
Finished 4/26/15
Oatmeal Bonnet pattern by Carolyn Macpherson;
Lightly fulled
Loopy Academy Semester 2 assignment

I'm happy with the way it turned out, I'm glad it wasn't completely felted because I like seeing the swirl created by the decreases on the top.

Things continue to bloom in the backyard. The hydrangeas are starting:

Hydrangeas are starting to bloom

The yellow ranunculus opened:

Yellow ranunculus

This purple umbrella flower is new. I like how the dark stems look against the purple of the flowers; the white tips add even more interest.

Purple umbrella flower

And the feijoa is going nuts again:

Feijoa flower, close up

Up this weekend:  More work on the commission piece. I'm going to try finishing the Striped Stockinette Snake [Ravelry] so I can get back to the Irisa Cowl/Scarf [Ravelry]. I love how Irisa looks, but I'm tired of knitting the drop stitch pattern.

I'm also itching to start spinning the turquoise wild card rolags [Ravelry] that  I bought from The Yarn Wench. I should finish the Halloween Phat Fiber samples [Ravelry] that are sitting in my WIP pile...we'll see if I can restrain myself!