Eye Candy Friday...

...first one for June.

The bougainvillaea outside of my studio is blooming like crazy:

Bougainvillea in our courtyard

New flowers are appearing in the back yard:


Even the garlic has gotten into the act:

Garlic seed ball

Our berries and apricots are ripening faster than we can eat them. The Husband made a berry tart for dessert last night to use up the pound of berries we picked over the last two days. I looked at the bushes this morning and there are lots more that are ready.

The Blenheim apricots all ripen at the same time. I'm not sure what we'll do to keep up with them!

Up this weekend: More of the same...errands, chores and crafts.

I'm still digging through my stash and finding things I'd forgotten about. I know I went through everything when I moved into my studio, but apparently I have a short memory!

I need to go through the cross stitch charts again, this time with an eye out for certain designers. One of my friends wants to give them a new home. :)

I need to ply Sochi to clear the wheel for Spin-In next weekend.

So many things to do...I wish weekends lasted longer!