Last Eye Candy Friday for June...

...hard to believe that my craft-cation is only 12 days away!  SO looking forward to that!

So, my brother sent me a late Christmas present. He's a welder and he made me a set of wind shines with a cat wind sail:

Wind chimes: cat wind sail

It's pretty cool how much detail he got in that cat!

The Husband bought some pink vinca for the hanging baskets in the backyard:

Pink vinca

And he swapped the petunias in the courtyard for these purple calibrachoa:

Purple calibrachoa 2

Up this weekend: No specific plans, just some ideas.

I have some photos to take of the last few projects I discovered while I was looking for my missing project.

I really need to get serious on the commission quilt. Maybe I can get the top sewn together, or at least start sewing it!

I have the Drake's Bay handspun [Ravelry] to ply, too.

Any combination of those things and my normal weekend chores should keep me plenty busy!

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