Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday and an F.O....

...I finished one from the UFO list!

Here are the Halloween Phat Fiber samples [Ravelry] that I started spinning in 2012:

October 2011 Phat Fiber Fluff samples

Started 10/2/2012
Finished 6/20/2015
Fiber samples from multiple vendors
Some singles, some two-ply, and some chain plied
Did not measure yardage and I estimate that most of them are worsted weight

I'm really happy to be done with them. Some samples were easy to spin and others were a P.I.T.A.!
  1.  I finished spinning the singles of Drake's Bay. I did not get a chance to photograph that one yet. It's on-hold until I can get back to it.
  2. I worked a little on the commission quilt. I'm still rearranging blocks. At some point, I'm just going to have to stop and just get to the sewing part.
  3. The Husband decided at the last minute to invite his parents over for a Father's Day BBQ  lunch. Ay! At least I had Saturday night to clean house. It went well, but it took a big chunk out of my weekend crafting plans!
  4. The Daughter also came to lunch, which was wonderful. She brought me a beautiful bouquet of orange mums and bluebells (I think).
  5. I'm still making excellent progress on the Santa Fe #5 needlepoint. I passed the halfway point on the arch! The only thing left after than is the white background (I hate white) and the addition of some dangling beads from his headband. It has been an enjoyable piece to stitch, much more so than Tucson Twilight!
  6.  I still haven't found my missing project...