Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday... finished objects today.
  • At Spin-In, I started a lovely Merino-Bmboo from Royal Hare called Drake's Bay [Ravelry]. I've spun about 2/3rds of the bump and like how it looks so far.
  • I still can't find the Love scissor fob pieces. I've looked through almost everything in my studio. I have no idea where it's hiding.
  • I'm making great progress on the Santa Fe #5 needlepoint canvas. I've almost finished the figure, just a feather left to stitch. Then I can move on to stitching the arch.
  • I tried a different configuration for the commission piece and hated it. I went back to my original idea and made adjustments from there. I'm thisclose to sewing the top.
  • I'm not quite as close when it comes to rolling out my website redesign. I still have one page to finish formatting and a bunch of project dates needs to be checked. I hope to have it out there by the end of the month.
  • Once I finish that, I'll have to update my master project list to add the projects I have rediscovered and add or modify the project dates that were not previously documented. It sounds like a lot of work, but I love the whole organizational thing. :)
  • Still haven't found someplace to donate/sell/unload my 5 banker's boxes of cross stitch stuff...