Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday... was supposed to have a finished objects, but I hadn't had a minute to take a photo. Heck,  it's after 6PM and I'm barely getting to the blog post.
  1. I finished the Drake's Bay handspun [Ravelry] over the weekend. It's beautiful and I love it.
  2. Still can't find that missing project.
  3. I finished the arch and started the white background of the Santa Fe #5 needlepoint project. I'm in the home stretch!
  4. I think I'm ready to start sewing squares together for the commission quilt. I cycled out another color and replaced it with something more colorful. Hopefully, this weekend I can get started.
  5. I was plagued with a headache all day Sunday, which put a damper on getting started on the sewing the commission quilt. My head was not back to normal until around 7pm. Since I couldn't concentrate on anything challenging, I finished the back stitching for a couple of Christmas ornaments I found during my search for the missing project.
  6. Friday is a holiday...hooray!