Eye Candy Friday and Tour de Fleece update...

...first, the update: No significant progress, at least for spinning. However, reorganizing at home is going well!

We are replacing our big tube TV with a gently-used flat-screen TV. While there is nothing wrong with the old TV, it's incredibly heavy. The Husband and I are both getting older and we figured we should replace the old one while we can still lift it!

The new TV had been wall-mounted in its previous home and we want to use it as a table-top TV. We found a universal stand at Amazon that works. Next, we will rearrange the living room so we can use the new TV.

The new TV has been leaning against my fabric wall in the studio. Once we can finally move it our of there, I can finish rearranging the studio to accommodate two of our four weekend guests. I hope it doesn't take too long to get things in place in both rooms!

On to the eye candy. Our garden is in one of those in between times: not a lot of new flowers blooming, but the vegetables are doing OK.

We have some small round tomatoes.


and some odd looking ones (Anna Russian tomatoes):

Anna Russian tomatoes

Just so you don't miss the flowers, here's one from earlier in the year:

Up this weekend: My niece and her family arrive tomorrow. No specific plans at the moment...we'll see what they feel like doing. This is the last leg of their 2-week vacation so they might be pretty wiped out by now!

In addition to the rearranging of furniture, there are all the normal weekend chores to be done. Somewhere in there I want to fit in one more art yarn for Tour de Fleece, but I'm not holding my breath!