Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday... which I am very thankful for an air-conditioned office.
  1. We went to my family reunion on Saturday. It was the hottest day of the weekend. In Hollister. With no air conditioning. UGH!! It was great seeing everyone, but it was difficult to be pleasant when you are really hot and sweaty.

    We were happy to get home even though it was only marginally cooler.
  2. There was a memorial service for my Aunt Alice, who passed away earlier in the year. It was held at the Catholic Church in Tres Pinos. When I was small, we used to go for services there. At least one of my brothers was baptized there. The church grounds have several grottoes and religious statuary, as well as many rose bushes. I took lots of photos, some of which you will see on Eye Candy Friday.
  3. I started a hat for Halos of Hope. My plan was to knit it on Saturday while I sat and chatted with family. That didn't happen...just too hot to knit!
  4. Sunday was only a little better. It was so hot that there was no way I could work on the quilt. Wrestle a quilt through the sewing machine? Just no.
  5. The temperatures have cooled slightly. As long as we stay close to home, it will be hot, but not as bad as San Jose.
  6. I finished the Sweet Summer cross stitch project:

    Sweet Summer, completed

    Started 8/2/2015
    Finished 8/16/2015
    Sweet Summer limited edition kit by Lizzie Kate

    It needs finish work. I'm not sure whether it will be a pillow or a picture. It's intended to be a picture, but I have limited wall space. We'll see what I decide to do. Nothing is getting finish work until I finish the commission quilt.