Eye Candy Friday, birthday-style...

...today is my birthday and I'm just about over my angst about my age now.

The Husband started celebrating my birthday early by cooking dinner last night. And not just any dinner...the man barbecued tri tip, lightly smoked with oak wood that my mother sent from home, and made some piquinto beans.

Our family moved to Santa Maria when I was in elementary school; my mom, sister, and two brothers still live there. There is nothing like Santa Maria barbecue and the tri tip is the best. The thing that makes it so great is the oak wood. There is nothing like the flavor of meat cooked over oak. That flavor is hard to duplicate in a propane barbecue, but using oak wood chips does a decent job. The Husband did a great job!

The other thing he did for my birthday was buy new plants for the garden. He carefully chose varieties that we didn't already have. Here are some of the new things he chose.

Santa Cruz Sunset begonia boliviensis:

Santa Cruz Sunset begonia

Torenia Hybrid:

Torenia Hybrid

Fuchsia Emu Bush:

Fuchsia Emu Bush

Sweet Kate tradescantia:

Tradescantia Sweet Kate

and Midnight Candy zaluzianskya:

Midnight Candy
There are several more, but they don;t have flowers on them yet. I can;t wait to see what they look like!

Up this weekend: We're meeting the Daughter to have lunch and those are the only concrete plans we have.

Traditionally, I don't go anywhere on my birthday because it falls close to Labor Day and the entire world is out and about. Every place that I'd like to go will be packed and the traffic will not be fun. Not the way I want to celebrate my birthday!

With the extra day, I'm going to see how close to done I can get on the Commission quilt. I know I can finish stealth commission project #2 because there is not much left.  But I really need to make a decisions about the border quilting and any additional quilting to do.  If I still haven't decided what to do about quilting in the blocks, I can at least bind the quilt and get that part done. The very last thing that will go on both pieces are the labels. Both pieces are named, I just need to write out the labels and sew them on.

Regardless of what I can accomplish, it will be nice to have three days off!