F.O. Tuesday and the weekend report...

...it was a good birthday weekend even if it didn't go quite as planned.

First, the Finished Object.. This is Summer 9 Patch, a pillow kit from Pine Mountain Designs:

Summer 9 Patch, completed

Started 8/14/15;
Finished 9/7/15;
Pillow kit by Pine Mountain Designs

I bought this kit in 2006. I wasn't fond of the pink and green pillow then and I'm still not. However, it is done and it was a nice diversion from the commission piece.

The weekend report:
  • I spent a good deal of the weekend on the commission quilt. I quilted the border and am pretty happy with how that turned out. After dithering for a bit, I decided that the squares needed something, so I started quilting them, following the motifs in each square. This is adding a great deal of time to the piece, but in the long run it will be worth it.
  • The stealth piece is nearly done. I have a couple of seams to finish and that's it.
  • It was really too hot to quilt all weekend, but I took a lot of breaks.
  • We planned on taking the ferry to San Francisco on Sunday to have my birthday lunch with the Daughter. When we made our plans, I didn't know that BART was going to shut down the transbay tube all weekend. Many who would normally take BART to the City decided to take the ferry. We tried for the 1:10 ferry (with lots of other people) and didn't make it. The line was incredibly long on the Oakland end, which meant that it would be equally long, or longer, on the San Francisco end. We opted for lunch in Jack London Square instead. The most important part was to spend time with the Daughter, so I was happy.  :)
  • After I finished the stitching on the Summer 9 Patch pillow, I started another project that's been in the stash since 2004. It's Sail by Shepherd's Bush and should go pretty quickly. Maybe I'll get a picture of it for WIP-it Wednesday.