Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • I made gingerbread cookies to take to Spin-In. What was really funny was that my friend Loretta also made ginger cookies for Spin In. My were crisp and hers were soft and frosted. They were both delicious!
  • Loretta did very well with her first spinning lesson. She spun the Corriedale that I brought as practice fiber. I also gave her the pretty dyed Falkland I bought as a later birthday present. I pointed out that f she didn't like spinning,  she can always use the birthday fiber for weaving.
Stealth project #2:
  • I tried hand-stitching the label on...and I hated it. I carefully unstitched it and sewed it on using the sewing machine. Given the way it will be used (to be revealed later), machine stitching was the right way to go.
Commission Quilt:
  • Finished the machine stitching. Hooray! This included attaching the binding to the front. My shoulder was killing me my the time I finished, but that part is done!
  • Working on burying the threads fro the machine quilting. There are lots of them!
  • I won't hand-stitch the binding until I'm done burying the threads. I've already pressed it and folded it over to the back. Currently it's held in place with quilt binding clips (the metal ones).
Other than laundry and grocery shopping, that was my weekend!