Eye Candy Friday...

...it's been a long week and I'm ready for an adult beverage.

The garden is looking pretty sad right now. While we still have salvia and other flowers blooming, I have taken way too many pictures of them this year. Instead, you get this morning's sunrise:

Sunrise 10/9/2015

It's hard to see it in this size, but there is a little crescent of a moon in the upper right quadrant.

Up this weekend: Tonight, we're going to make some individual pizzas for dinner. I stopped by Trader Joe's this morning to get the ingredients: frozen naan, pizza sauce, a 4-cheese blend, and some sliced pepperoni. Using naan as the based of the pizza makes things quick and easy. The Husband particularly likes the garlic naan, while I prefer the plain.

On Saturday, it's time for Spin-In!  I'm making something pumpkin-based to take. It looks like it will be a small crew this time. I'm just happy to be spinning. I haven't touched my wheel since the last Spin-In, which means that I need to finish the fiber I started last time.

We're having a house guest next Wednesday and Thursday, so some cleaning is in order. Then we get to see the Daughter on Friday before she attends a local event.

Craft-wise, I have resurrected the Halos of Hope hat I started in August. I'll time-share between the hat and the project for the Daughter. I want her to try it on when she's here next week to make sure that the sleeve length is OK.

Call me crazy, but I have a hankering for finishing another quilt. I have the top and backing ready to go for my Christmas quilt, Going Snow Global. It's a Yellow Brick Road quilt, so the machine quilting is all stitch-in-the-ditch. It's something to consider...