Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  •  I went to a local fabric store (The Granary) to look for the fabric I needed. I'm hapy to report that I found a fabric in the correct color of red that I can use for my sewing project! I also found a gold that will work for a small amount of applique that I need for the same project. Score!!
  • I felt so good about finding the fabric, that I visited my local yarn store (Purlescence Yarns).  They were having a Cascade 220 sale I and was looking for a yarn to use as warp for a weaving project. I found a yarn that I can use, some Greenwood Fiberworks fiber that had to come home with me, and some gorgeous gray cotton for weaving. 
  • While I was at Purlescence, I talked to them about my spinning wheel problems. They recommended that I bring my wheel to the shop for repair if I didn't want to do it myself. That sounds like the best idea because they know about wheels. I'm too afraid that I will do something wrong and wreck my baby!
  • I worked on the Sail cross stitch project on Saturday. I've finished the cross stitch portion for the letters A, I, and L. I'm working on the letter S. Still to do are the decorative elements at the top of the design, the back stitching, and attaching the buttons.
  • I started a new shawl project.  Yeah, I know...I didn't really need to start another project! However, I had the yarn and the pattern, and I've been waiting to start this project since June!  Actually, I bought the cowl version of this project at Stitches West in February, thinking that I could just make it a scarf. Then the designer released a scarf/wrap/shawl version of the pattern, and I was hooked!
  • I continued to work on the Be My Baby for My Baby project. [Ravelry]
  • Call me crazy, but I want to work on the quilt that is currently a UFO: Going Snow Global. It is a Christmas quilt after all, and we are getting perilously close to November...