Eye Candy Friday...

...and I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!

We have several rose bushes in the front yard, most have fallen victim to the drought. However, this old-fashioned semi-double rose is still blooming:

Semi-double roses

This Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is waiting to be planted in the courtyard:

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

And the star of the garden this year is our little tangerine tree. It has gone nuts so to speak:

Tangerine tree gone wild

We'll have plenty of tangerines to share!

Up this weekend: It's time to get serious about Thanksgiving.

I need to make the preliminary grocery run to buy the turkey and get it defrosting so it's ready for the dry brine on Wednesday. I also need to make the cranberry sauce so the flavors meld for a few days.  I'll do the main produce run on Tuesday night.

The biggest thing I need to do is clean the house. There's something about having your mother-in-law (or mother for that matter) come dinner that makes you want to dust, mop, and vacuum! Cleaning the house will be my primary job . I don't have as many people coming over for dinner this time, so I'm not as crazed about the meal as normal.

If I have any spare time, I'd like to finish the stealth sewing project. I'd love to be able to mail that after Thanksgiving. We'll see how that goes!

And I need to finalize this year's cookie list. I'm a little behind on that this year, mostly because I can't find the 2015 Christmas Cookie magazine from BHG. I think they issued one this year (at least they mentioned it in their publisher's web site). I have every Christmas Cookie issue going back to 1972. I'd really love to know if there was one this year!