Happy March!

...let's start with a little randomness, shall we?
  • My sprained ankle is improving. I've been icing it twice a day and elevating it when possible. It was driving me nuts not being able to walk normally, but I'm gradually getting there.
  • Yesterday, I decided that I didn't want to skip going to the gym for too long...I don't want to get out of the habit! Monday's cycling class incorporates arm weights and is not as intense as my other cycling classes. It worked out pretty well--the cycling shoes helped keep my ankle stable and it felt good to get some exercise!
  • Today I tried my yoga class. Downward dog and regular plank were difficult, so I modified them to work with my injured ankle. I was able to do some of the other poses with a little extra padding under my ankle or by doing the level-1 version of the pose. Yay!
  • A co-worker asked me to add some stabilization to a minky throw that she purchased. The manufacturer basically sewed the top and bottom together and then top-stitched around the perimeter, about 2-inches in. Since it's minky (read: slippery) and large, the front slides away from the back and turns into a puddle of fabric.

    I'll add some parallel lines of stitching that will keep the front and back together and make it more useful as a throw.
  • While I watched the Oscars, I worked on my latest Halos of Hope hat [Ravelry]. It's an easy pattern and works well as a TV project.
  • Mermaid's Tale [Ravelry]: Iachos yarn in Raven’s Wing didn’t work as the weft. The color was too dark and just didn’t show off the gradient colors the way I wanted.

    The good news is that it only took 4 picks to figure this out. After checking my stash, I found a cone of Lunatic Fringe Yarns 10/2 Mercerized Cotton in a slightly darker blue that the blue range of the gradient. It’s thinner than the yarn, but I like the way it’s working with the colors. I was able to make a little progress.

    Here's what the warped loom looked like before I started weaving:
Warp for Mermaid's Tale