Rainy Eye Candy Friday...

...I got totally soaked this morning! My shoes and socks have finally dried out, however the cuffs of my slacks are still a little damp. At least my hair didn't too wet.

Yesterday's sunrise was pretty spectacular:

Sunrise 3/10/16

It's great to see raindrops on the plants:

Raindrop magnification

The nasturtiums are going wild with all of the rain:


And the cherry tree has set its blossoms and is already losing some of the petals:

More cherry blossoms

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow! I need to decide which project to take with me. I might just stick to either knitting or cross stitch. I think I'll skip the spindle spinning. I can't wait for my ankle to feel better!

For snacks, I decided to just bring crackers and cheese this time--green cheese in honor of St. Patrick's Day next week.

One disadvantage of all of the rain is that it's kind of pointless to mop the floors. They'll just get junked up again. However, there a few other chores to do that aren't affected by the rain, like laundry.

Or I could just craft all weekend! LOL!