Eye Candy Friday...

...and it's all over the place today.

I still haven't finished processing the tulips photos. But here's another one from that shoot:

Tulips at Fremont High School

On my way home, I saw these roses in front of the vet's building:

Roses in the morning sun

In addition to the tulip photos, I need to process the photos from our Monterey Bay Aquarium trip. Here's a seahorse from the ¡Viva Baja! exhibit:

Pacific Seahorse

A couple of weeks ago, a mama dove tried to nest on my bike. We move the nest to the backyard and covered the bike so she couldn't try again. Well, she found a new place to nest...the chive pot:

Mama dove

The ranunculus flowers are still going strong:

Yellow and orange ranunculus

Up this weekend: Kind of boring, but we need to finish our taxes. We just need to calculate the home office expenses and see how bad the result is. I hate this time of the year!

I really need to get the vacuum monster out...this time for sure!

Craft-wise, I need to figure out what the next needlework project will be. I've already determined that I am not ready to revisit Tucson Twilight. It can stay on the UFO pile for now. Maybe I'll do some of the finishing work that is piling up!

Appointment TV: Outlander's season 2 starts tomorrow night. I can't wait!