Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and a couple of finished objects.

On Saturday, the Husband and I headed out early for the Monterey Aquarium. My goal was to get there at opening so we could see the Baja exhibit before it got too crowded. This was our first time going as members. Two big perks of being members are getting admitted earlier than non-members and having a separate entrance.

We got in at 9:15 and were able to see the Baja exhibit right when it opened at 9:30. Yay! It was still busy because it's a new exhibit, but not as bad as it would have been if we hadn't gotten in early. We then went to the Tentacles exhibit, which wasn't open yet the last time we were there.

We have an early lunch at the aquarium's cafe and then did the rest of the aquarium. By that time, my ankle was getting sore and it was very crowded.

We drove to Carmel to go to the beach. We both got our hit of ocean breezes and waves. It was much needed! It was a wonderful day.

I took hundreds of photos, so it will take a while to process them. Here is one of the beach:

Beach at Carmel

On Sunday, I took photos of the Mermaid's Tale wrap [Ravelry]:

Mermaid's Tale wrap

and a close up:

Mermaid's Tale wrap, close up

Started 2/21/16
Finished 3/30/16
Finished size: approx 70 inches, including fringe
Fringe: 5 inches on each end
Warp: A Hundred Ravens Iachos Mini Skein Set in Mermaid’s Tail; Baah! La Jolla in Brazilian Emerald
Weft: Lunatic Fringe Yarns 10/2 Mercerized Cotton in Blue

I finished the old canvaswork UFO I found a couple of weeks ago. This is Linda's Dream:

Linda's Dream canvaswork

Started: October 1996 (?)
Finished: 4/3/16
Class project for Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival 1996;
Designed by Linda Barry

The only chores I managed to finish were the laundry and the dishes. The vacuum monster will have to wait!