Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.

  • I'm happy to report that the vacuum monster did his job on Saturday, finally!
  • With the mama birds nest (in the pot of chives) right outside the kitchen window, every time we do something in the sink, she gets scared and flies away, leaving her two eggs unprotected. We lowered the mini-blinds to make it less obvious when we were working at the sink. It worked for a while until the blinds decided that they didn't like being adjusted and all of the strings between the blades came apart!

    There was no recovering from that. Fortunately, we had to install two sets on the kitchen window because it's so wide. We moved the second set of blinds to replace the broken one.  On Sunday morning, I was headed into the kitchen to feed the cats and heard a crash that freaked out the cats. The second set of blinds broke in the exact same way.  I guess I'm not too surprised: they'd been up for a few years and they get the morning sun. The Husband has already purchased replacement blinds and will install them sometime this week.
  • It was a rainy weekend and I stayed in most of the time. I did go grocery shopping on Sunday, but that was it.
  • I worked on the Costa del Mar shawl [Ravelry] and last night at Craft Coffee. I have completed the second wedge and will start the third wedge in a day or so.
  • On Saturday, I started a new canvas work piece. It's another Laura J. Perin design based on the Friendship Star quilt block. I bought this as a kit in 2005 so it was easy to pick up and start. It's a small piece and should go fairly quickly.
  • On Sunday, I decided to try spinning some singles to see whether my ankle was ready for extended treadling. I was careful to take many breaks, which was good because it wasn't my ankle that bothered me, it was the knee on that leg. I guess I had been compensating for the ankle more than I knew. Anyway, I took the Empress handspun [Ravelry] that I started on the spindle and moved it over to the wheel.  I was able to spin all of the singles. Hooray! It's resting until I get a chance to ply it.
  • Yeah, I still need to do a recap...