Eye Candy Friday...

...Happy May!

We have a few things going in the garden. Our lone cherry is ripening:

Ripening cherry

We also had some mulberries, but the birds have already eaten them.

We still have a few Icelandic poppies:

Icelandic poppy

And the occasional calendula:

Yellow calendula

In the last week, an amaryllis plant has bloomed. These flowers are huge:

Amaryllis, fully open

Up this weekend: Our company's holiday party is Saturday. We're a little later than usual this year because the office move in January set us back a bit.

Our theme is Disney and I'm making cupcakes in the 101 Dalmatians theme. I'm using white cake with mini-chocolate chips and white icing with (I hope) paw prints on top. If I can't get the paw prints to work, I'll just use chocolate chips as spots.

Sunday is Mother's Day and I've asked to spend the day in my studio. I want to warp my new loom!