Eye Candy Friday...

...and finally photos of the latest spinning project.

First, the eye candy. The Husband bought me some new flowers for Mother's Day. This is Mimulus naiandinus:

Mimulus naiandinus

This is is Rhodohypoxis baurii "Pintado":

Rhodohypoxis baurii Pintado

and this is Meadow Foam:

Meadow foam

Next, the Finished Object. This is Empress handspun [Ravelry]:

Empress handspun

and the close-up:

Empress handspun, close up

Started 7/20/15;
Finished 4/30/16;
Batt (2.0) from Purlescence Yarns;
Tour de Fleece 2013 prize;
148.9 yds. chain-plied, 13 WPI

Up this weekend: More time with the Baby Wolf loom!

My BW stroller arrived today, so I plan on installing it tomorrow. The wheels will allow me to position the loom in front of one of my storage benches, which I hope will work for this first project. I think in the long run that I'll have to buy a real weaving bench, but I need to know the optimal height for me and I won;t know that until I've tried a few options.

I plan on sleying the reed and getting the tie-up right for the twill patterns I'm starting with. After that, I might actually weave! Yay!