Eye Candy Friday...

...and it's been a day!

It started off with Microsoft Windows 10 automatically installing itself on my work PC...and I needed to finish something for a client. ARG! Chalk up about half the day when I couldn't do anything on the machine and then the research to figure out why the stupid thing wasn't displaying anything.  It's owkring now, but it's days may be numbered...

In the garden, the Husband harvested some carrots:

Carrots, close up

Last week, I took this picture of the Tivoli squash we have in the back yard.

Tivoli squash blossom

This week, it looks like this:

Tivoli squash
Wow! That was fast!

And finally, we have Queen Faviola blooming in the courtyard:

Brodiaea laxa

Up this weekend: More weaving!

I'd also like to attached the hanging loops to the Hawaiian shirt quilt, so I can give that back to its owner.

I have some major housework to do, but it requires an empty house (read: no one tracking dirt and garden stuff onto newly mopped or vacuumed floors). Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!