Last Tour de Fleece finished objects...

...and a final look at my output.

Tour de Fleece, day 22:

I finished spinning Dawn [Ravelry]:

Dawn handspun

and the close-up:

Dawn handspun, close up

Started 7/22/16
Finished 7/23/16
Merino top (4.2 oz) from The Yarn Wench
167.5 yds. chain-ply, 11 WPI

Non-TdF: I finished binding off Costa del Mar [Ravelry]!

Tour de Fleece, day 23:

My final entry was Rose Copper handspun [Ravelry]:

Rose Copper handspun

and the close-up:

Rose Copper handspun, close-up

Started and finished 7/24/16
Rose Copper Wild Card Bling Batt (4 oz)from the Yarn Wench
72.6 yds. plied with rose sewing thread and copper metallic thread
Bulky weight

Non-TdF: I blocked Costa del Mar [Ravelry]. I'm a little concerned that my shawl doesn't quite look like some of the other projects--one of the wedges doesn't have as much of a netted effect. However, I like the way it looks, so it's done.

Tour de Fleece, Finale:

  • 10th Tour de Fleece
  • 10 finished skeins, four of which were art yarns.
  • Total of 1289.7 yds. from 40.7 oz. of fiber.
  • Spun every day of the tour and only took one rest day.

Tour de Fleece 2016

If I intend to spin in the Ravellenic Games, I need to rest my knees. Maybe I should just knit...