Eye Candy Friday...

...and the start of the Olympics tonight means the beginning of Ravellenics! First the eye candy.

This morning's sky was filled with clouds:

We have entered the portion of summer where there are more vegetables than flowers in the garden. We are harvesting a few squash:


and lots of tomatoes:

Tomato harvest, part 1

and more:

Tomato harvest, part 2

Up this weekend: Tonight we'll watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and I will cast on my first project for Ravellenics. Because my knees were so sore after all that spinning for Tour de Fleece, I've decided not to limit myself to spinning for Ravellenics. Instead, I'll switch between knitting hats for Halos of Hope and spinning. Hats are a quick knitting project, so I should be able to finish a few. Plus, I still have the Mother of Dragons shawl in progress and I will rotate that in at some point.

The Husband is starting the install of the backsplash tile tomorrow. I'm looking forward to how it will look in the kitchen!