First Eye Candy Friday of September...

...and it's a 3-day weekend!

Let's take one final look at August. Here are the evening clouds as they looked on Monday the 29th:

Evening sky 8/29/16

The Husband bought some new flowers for the garden and replenished some of the coreposis and marigolds that were dying out.

This is Moonshine yarrow:

Moonshine Yarrow 2



Lady in Black aster:

Lady in Black aster

and the hummingbirds really love this Parrot's Beak (Lotus "Red Embers"):

Parrot's Beak

Up this weekend: It's my birthday weekend and we're going out to dinner with the Daughter to celebrate.

I need to make another run to Michael's and get the last ball of cotton yarn that I need for the weaving project.

Some time during the weekend, the vacuum monster needs to make an appearance in both the living room and the studio.

Speaking of the studio, it is long overdue for a tidying. I have bids and pieces of various projects all over and it's driving me a little nuts. Time to take a couple of hours and put things in their proper places. I don't think I'll get to it this weekend, but I need to rethink the positioning of my worktable and the benches now that I have the Baby Wolf in there. I want to see if I can regain some floor space around the table.

That might require measuring things and laying it out on graph paper first...oh, that sounds like fun! (Yes, really!)