Yes, I am still here!

...we went on vacation for two weeks and I was enjoying myself too much to blog. Oops.

The Husband and I took a trip to New Mexico to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and 35thyear together. I've been calling it our second honeymoon. New Mexico one of my soul places and one of our favorite places to visit. It had been too long since we had been there. (The last time we were there we used film cameras--that's how long it had been!)

I took over 3,000 photos and have been slowly processing them. The Husband joked that I've made it all the way to 11am on the first day of vacation! Granted, we did a lot of site-seeing and certain days were crammed full of photos, Day 1 being one of them.

At any rate, I am adding our photos to this Flickr album. Here's a little sample of what's been processed so far.

Flamingos trying to sleep in the morning sun (Albuquerque BioPark Zoo):

Flamingo Necks

Dragon in the Children's Fantasy Garden (Albuquerque BioPark Botanical Garden):

Dragon, side view

and orange abutilon flowers (Albuquerque BioPark Botanical Garden):

Orange abutilon flowers

Our anniversary was in January, but the Husband agreed to delay our trip until October so I could attend the Taos Wool Festival. I know...what a guy! I really enjoyed seeing vendors who don't attend Stitches West. There were many from Colorado and Texas. I bought some lovely fiber. I haven't processed those photos yet either. :-)

I returned to work yesterday and am trying to get out of vacation mode. Trying is the operative word!

I'll post a September recap soon. Honest. LOL!