I'm back...

...sort of.

In addition to being busy at work and doing Thanksgiving prep, I managed to catch the Husband's cold. So pretty much all of Thanksgiving week, I was sick. It's mostly a chest cold with a lot of sinus congestion. Definitely not the flu, though. (Thank goodness!)

We hosted Thanksgiving, which meant that we were both busy cleaning house and getting the food ready. Fortunately, most of what I make I can do on automatic pilot. Two of our guests were bringing side dishes so that was two less things I had to worry about. The Husband did all of the vacuuming and cleaned the guest bathroom. He also helped in the kitchen by peeling potatoes, etc. (He's a keeper!) I washed my hands so many times (to prevent the spread of cold germs) that they are completely dried out.

But it all came together. The food and the company were great. And I was thankful that we eat between 2 and 3pm rather than later. It meant we had plenty of time to visit and when everyone went home, I was able to crash on the couch and get a lot of rest.

The day after T-day, we were supposed to go on a hike with the Daughter, but there was no way I would be able to handle that with the coughing and congestion. So the Daughter, the Husband, and the Daughter's Aunt and Uncle went out together. I vegged out on the couch, which is what I really needed for my recovery.

I didn't get any real energy back until Sunday, when I was able to do the grocery shopping and check out some of the Michael's sales.

Needless to say, I did not have a lot of energy to spend on my craft projects. I did manage to work on the arrangement of the Christmas quilt blocks and knit a few rows of the latest hat, but that's it.

Now that I'm on the upswing, it's time to switch over to baking mode. I'm not going to finish a whole lot of crafty things until after Christmas, unless they are really small!

Oh, yeah...I still need to do an October recap.