Weekend report...

...on a Monday.

I finished two more hats for the Women's March. Here's hat # 2 [Ravelry]:

Pussy Hat 2

Started 1/9/17;
Finished 1/15/17;
Pattern: Pussy Hat, 4 Gauges, in the Round by Sarah Keller;
Yarn: Pound of Love in Dark Pink by Caron (I think--them yarn was already wound when I got it)

Hat #3 [Ravelry]:

Pussy Hat 3

Started 1/8/17;
Finished 1/15/17;
Pattern: Pussy Hat, 4 Gauges, in the Round by Sarah Keller;
Yarn: Red Heart Grande in Nectar

I was going to go back to knitting hats for Halos of Hope, but a coworker asked if I could knit her a hat in acrylic. She is allergic to animal fiber and wants a hat for the cooler weather. I happen to have a suitable color in my stash, so I'll get started on that next. hen it will be back to Halos of Hope hats. I have 3 done already and I'd like to do at least one more before I go back to my own knitting.

Saturday was Spin-In. Hooray! I haven't spun since November, so it was really nice to get back to the wheel. I had a great time catching up with the spinners. However, on the way home, the folding part of my wheel gave out again. I'm wheel-less until I can fix it. Sigh.

The Husband's sister is in town for a few days. The four of us went out to dinner last night...good food, good conversation...and lots of laughs!

Eye Candy Friday didn't happen last week. I'm going to keep trying, but I might turn the posts back into their original format--photos and no commentary. I got the Eye Candy Friday idea from another blogger (Sundara?) and added my own twist to it. It might be time to go back to the original format.


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