Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and looking forward to Stitches West!
  1. I glued my wheel together Friday afternoon and crossed my fingers that it would work for Saturday. I used a gel epoxy that supposedly dried in 6 minutes. After gluing, I left it alone for several hours. Then I unfolded the wheel and set it in its upright position for overnight. It was still upright in the morning, so that was good.
  2. Spin-In on Saturday was fun. My wheel managed to keep it together although it felt a little wobbly. It stayed together all the way home. I attempted to unfold it and the connector started pulling out from the wood. Sigh. I screwed it back into the wood and left the wheel upright. It was still holding on Monday. I'll see what happens when I try to spin on it next time.
  3. Finished the Baby Camo Hat (knitting) [Ravelry]. I still had plenty of yarn in the skein plus another skein of the same color. I decided to attempt a Camo Baby Sweater [Ravelry].
  4. Photographed the baby quilt, but did not make it to the post office to send it.
  5. Found my Stitches West badge holder, set aside the money for my class on Friday, and that's about it. I still need to figure out which take-along project to put in my bag. I'll have a few hours on Thursday to site and knit. Probably more hats for Halos of Hope.