Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and, yes, I missed Eye Candy Friday.

I drove to my Mom's Friday afternoon and by the time I got there I was exhausted from driving in traffic for most of the trip. All I wanted when I arrived at 5:30pm was dinner.

My nephew and his family came over later so I could give them the knitted baby items and the quilt.

This is Sea of Dreams:

Sea of Dreams quilt

...and the label:

Sea of Dreams quilt label

Started 11/4/16
Finished 2/12/17
Sea of Dreams panel and related fabrics from South Seas Imports

On Saturday, Mom and I just sat and talked. We sorted a bunch of loose photos that she had. I found a few that I wanted to scan right away and she let me take those with me. There are many more to scan, but I need to get a scanning setup that is portable so I can bring it to her. She really doesn't want to let me take many more photos home with me. We got to babysit my grand-nephew Saturday evening. I'd forgotten how small month-old babies are!

Theron and his Great-Grandma

I drove home on Sunday, arriving in the early afternoon. Laundry took priority at that point.

I did very little crafting while I was at my mom's. However, I did manage to finish spinning the singles for Crocus handspun [Ravelry]. I now have two handspuns ready to ply. Now I just need to fund the time to ply them!

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