Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...with no photos.
  • I finished the Teal It To The Bees hat [Ravelry] on Thursday. I still need to take a beauty shot.
    This makes a total of 4 hats for Halos of Hope since Stitches West.
  • I worked a bit on the St. Charles needlepoint piece. Every little bit helps!
  • I've really been having trouble sleeping and it doesn't help that both the Husband and the cats snore. I finally was able to get a good 8 hours of sleep on Saturday night.
  • We had lunch with the Daughter over the weekend. It was a belated birthday lunch for the Husband that we have been trying schedule for a couple of weeks. We went to a little restaurant on Oakland that serves Latin American street was excellent!
  • Since it takes about an hour to get to Oakland and the Husband drove, I used the time to start a new project. (I know...the startitis continues). My current shawl project is not going smoothly and I wanted something that was easier to pick up and put down. I started the Gray Area shawl I purchased at Stitches West this year. No photo yet, but it's called Charred Teal Shawl on Ravelry.
  • I plied the Puget Sound singles [Ravelry] on Sunday. I did a 2-ply yarn, which is unusual for me. My go-to method is chain-plying. However the colors in this one seemed to call out for a 2-ply.
  • I toyed with the idea of finishing the All That Glitters quilt top, but that's as far as I got.
I'm still having issues with project ennui. Maybe I need a vacation! 😉